The dormitory was open on March 1, 1989 to provide a convenient study for those  who live in out of town.

This dormitory is operated aiming at developing a true pioneer by means of disciplined and systematic community life under the precept of "Love, Intelligence and Creation." It was renamed from "Dormitory" to "Residence alls" on June 1, 2004 to create it as rather a cultural living space than just a simple meaning of providing accommodation and food.

expended BTL dormitory, from March 1, 2015 residence Halls accommodate 3,944 students in 12 buildings and we do our best to promote students' academic endeavor in such a cozy and convenient environment like their home.

In addition, they supplies quality meals and is equipped with cinema room, lounge, etc, for leisure, including a newly-built fitness center with health club and billiard club.