Facilities Guide

Study Room (Reading Room)

For student's academic endeavor, this study room was prepared on 3rd floor of #LG Gae-cheok Building(45 persons and an Advanced Registration System) and there is also a smaller one in Residence Halls Building.

Multi-purpose Room

For inspiration and leisure of students, it is located on 2 story of Maintenance Office Building, which is equipped with the advanced devices and sound equipment.


As a resting place, each story of Residence Halls has this lounge, containing TV set, radio, etc.

Bath Room

It is built in each story of Residence Halls for sanitarily healthy life and equipped with a boiler system for winter time.

Laundry Room

It is equipped with subsidiary facilities, dryer, drying space, and ironing room.

PC Room

It is equipped with 26 PCs that allow students to utilize various kinds of information required to studies. In PC room, internet connection is available. Also, those who own PC may connect internet at Residence Halls.

On-campus Laundry Room

It provides convenience for resident students, who are able to repair, dry, wash and size clothes.