Action Penalty Point
  1. Not complying with or neglecting the guide(including frequent inspection)
  2. Disqualified for community life
    (theft, violence or taking off clothes in public place, etc)
  3. Conducting a group activity irrelevant to dorm (distribution of advertisements, etc)
  4. Causing a fire in dorm
  5. Using or bringing hazardous substances in the room(Inflammables, Gas burner, etc)
  6. Accommodating a stranger in dorm (Including a stranger who stays in dorm)
    - In case of a dormitory resident, staying the other room or building after 23:00PM
  7. Deliberately damaging or destroying properties and facilities in dorm
    (Including open the main door by force after 1:00 am)
  8. Smoking in dorm(Including cigarette butt in the room)
5 point
(Immediately Leave and never enter dormitory)
  1. Using or bringing electrical appliance[heater]
    [heater, electric pad, iron, microwave, oven, electric kettle, hot pot, candle, etc]
    - Need to get approval from dormitory administration office to use other electric appliances(heater) equivalent to the above items(Iron is placed in each security office)
  2. Coming and going to opposite gender's room
  3. Raising a pet
  4. Taking a stranger without a permission or the stranger who enters dorm (including
    other student of dorm building)
  5. Taking public properties outside
    (Iron, properties furnished in a private room, washbasin, etc)
  6. Changing your room with other student
  7. Defaming or causing a damage to others by distributing bad rumors via internet
  8. Drinking alcohol, bringing alcohol into dorm(including empty alcohol container), gambling or making a noise
  9. Not using designated exit to the dorms
  10. Collecting or opening a mail or a parcel of others
  11. Lending or yielding the smart key to others (bringing friends to the dorm)
  12. Making a noise after 24:00
  13. Intentional manipulation of air conditioner controller.
  14. Requesting for a refund before entering the dorm or leaving the dorm in the middle of the semester
    (Exceptions. leaving of absence, hospitalization, etc)
  15. Staying in the room while disinfecting
  16. Using the room with shoes(for outside) on
  17. Having a meal at dorm cafeteria without using meal ticket or assisting the action
  18. Making a mess in room when leaving dorm
  19. Not properly disposing of trash in designated place
3 point
(Can’t enter dorm until next vacation and semester)
  1. Not returning the smart key
  2. Returning to dorm in drunken state
  3. Using or bringing the electrical equipment without a permission
    • A. The equipment to get approval from dormitory administration office to use in advance
      • Refrigerator: Submit “Doctor Note” ex) Need to keep drug refrigerated
      • Humidifier, Dehumidifier, Air Cleaner: Submit “Statement of Reason” for use
    • B. The equipment which don’t need approval to use
      • dryer, hair iron, computer, printer, charger, desk lamp, fan, cleaner
        ※ But, if you go out with turning on, you will get penalty (Except for computer, printer, charger)
  4. Hanging out the washing without spin-drying
  5. Causing a damage to others by using abusive language
2 point
  1. Failing to show up for dormitory orientation(Except for International student)
  2. Entering the dorm between 01:00 am ~ 05:00 am
  3. Doing laundry other than specified laundry room or using the laundry room after 24:00
  4. Failing to clean and organize your room
  5. Leaving without notice during inspection
  6. Wearing pajamas or other unfit clothes outside
  7. Not attaching ‘Bicycle Sticker’ on your bicycle
  8. Not parking bicycle at designated places
1 point
  1. Borrowing the smart key from security office (0.5 penalty point for a time)
0.5 point
  • If you get 5 points you have to leave immediately and can’t enter dormitory.
  • If you get 3 points, you can’t enter dormitory until the next semester and vacation.
  • Dormitory manager can impose penalty points on other violations and detailed contents refer to 「Dormitory Student Regulation, No 17」