Reward Points

Criteria for Reward Points

Criteria for Reward Points
Section Activity Description Reward Point mark
Volunteer for the dorm Cleaning
  1. Cleaning around the dormitory cleaning
    (Minimum 1 hour)
    - In FAQ board of dormitory homepage, there is notice about the way to apply dormitory cleaning.
1 point Possible to subtract once in a semester if you have maximum 2 penalty points.
Assisting Task
- [New]
  1. Distributing the toilet tissue
1 point
Reporting Noise
- [New]
  1. Reporting a person who makes a noise in dorm
    - Only in case of submitting statement of reason for it
1 point
Dorm Lecture
  1. Participating in dormitory special lecture
    (Only one time in semester)
1 point
Assisting Dorm
  1. Assisting more than eight hours
2 point
Community service
  1. Volunteer Work for 30 hours
  2. Participating the domestic or overseas voluntary service program over 5 days
  3. Campus volunteer which is approved by dean of university more than one semester
3 point Possible to subtract once while attending university if you have maximum 3 penalty points.

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